Academy Training Part Two is another collection of five short videos.
First up, a cop (in full leather uniform) is tied up to the cell bars and verbally humiliated. In the second scenario, a business man is attacked by an stranger, the thoroughly tied up to an office chair and left with a bomb.
The third scenario involves two brothers one of whom is a cop. The cop feels that his younger brother is getting a bit out of hand. So he enlists the help of an another cop and they take little brother to the gym for some exercise and a duct-taping to the equipment. The fourth scenario involves a marine being disciplined. The final scenario has a cop being kidnapped and tortured a bit as gangsters want information on some missing money.
Extras include outtakes (bloopers) and deleted scenes from scenarios 1 and 3.
Bondage and Discipline includes:
Medial equipment bondage, anesthesia, mummification with duct tape, rope bondage, chair bondage, gagging, kidnapping, verbal abuse and harassment.
Featured Actors:
The Rope Master, Marines, Cops and some of the Academy video regulars.
single analog DVD, running time approximately 96 min.

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