Academy Training Part One is a collection of 4 scenarios typical of the activities at the Academy Training Center.
The first scenario involves an escapee who gets caught and finds himself in the hands of a cop who knows rope. Next up is a football star who refuses to sign a contract. And has to be persuaded. The coach then finds himself tied up as well. The final scenario involves interrogation of a POW from a military game. After a fair degree of abuse, he is eventually hanged (simulated.) Chip (the producer/writer) has a cameo after the second scenario (hes the guy in the gas mask receiving a smoking).
Extras include 32 minutes of outtakes and some deleted scenes.
Bondage and Discipline includes:
cuffing, suspension from a horizontal pole, confinement in a cells, some imaginative rope work, bondage to cell bars, chair bondage, breath control, and general physical abuse.

Featured Actors:
The Rope Master, Alan, Glacier and assorted Academy staff.
single analog DVD, main movie 66 min, outtakes 32 min.

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