Academy History Part Five - the Client documents several scenarios of a client of the (former) Academy Training Center in Washington, MO.
The video is arranged as four sections:
Intake — This segment represents the initial part of a full weekend training session covering intake processing, strip search and body cavity inspection, and some PT. Following that, our client is restrained, hit with a stun gun and finally put into a Spanish head cage. This segment contains frontal nudity.
Endurance Training — Put into a Spanish head cage, the client is shackled and placed back into the isolation cell. Part of the time, his balls and cock are abused when he is forced to swing one of his combat boots which is tied to them. He is also place in heavy irons connecting ankles to wrists to neck. This segment contains frontal nudity. (This material was previously released in Tough Enough - Part 2)
PT— Part of the time our client is subjected to forced exercise and constant humiliation and hazing by a drill instructor (seems our client didn't bother to get into shape before showing up as he was supposed to).
Mummification — At some point, our client is ordered to strip down and is placed in intuitional restraints. He is then ordered to lie down in the sleeping bags and is then restrained with straps. After the neck brace is applied, he is zipped up in three layers of sleeping bags, strapped to the table and then place in one more layer and strapped down again to the point of immobility.
The video also includes several short silent segments of our client being physically abused by the staff.
single DVD, original is an analog (VHS) recording (the quality of the video varies from decent to good)
total running time approximately 2 hrs. 15 mins.

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