Academy History Part Four
Academy History Part 4 is a collection consisting of four major parts:
Part 1 Cop Shorts, a police stop and arrest scenario of three by motorcycle cops on a back road. Following arrest, two of the men are strapped to medical gurneys and carried away in an ambulance. (10 mins.)
Part 2 Lock Up, a pilot for a proposed TV series on the activities of the Academy. Upon hearing a newscast report of police brutality, an office worker imagines what it would be like to be arrested and then subjected to interrogation and police abuse. Includes some abuse of another prisoner. (19 mins.)
Part 3 A Client Scenario taped at the Washington, MO Training Center. The initial part of a full weekend covering intake, strip down and inspection (contains frontal nudity). (21 mins.)
Part 4 The original Program Information Video used to advertise the services of the Training Center. Clips include, kidnapping, strip search, metal chair bondage, medical cot bondage, military training, and other short subjects. (35 mins). This is followed by the full video of the DI/boot camp sequence in the information video. (5 mins.)
single DVD, mixed analog/surveillance camera,
total running time approximately 90 mins.
The quality of the video varies from decent to good.

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