Academy History Part One
Academy History—Part One is a composite of scenes from real scenarios that have been offered to several customers of the Training Center. As such it features clients of the Academy, Academy instructors, real Marines and cops. As such, some of the faces are blurred or obscured to protect their identity. Much of the footage was shot at the Washington Missouri facility and covers the period from 1978 to 1992.

Equipment used includes: The sweat box with the original Academy restraint chair, an inflatable mummy bag, the iron lung, isolation cells, jail cells, .
Action features: real abuse and humiliation by the Academy instructors and police, forced smoke, cigar smoke, breath control, rope bondage and some nudity.

Notes on the extended edition:
This version includes cleaned up video from the original (no solarization), restored scenes from the original tape, some additional unreleased material and extend versions of two of scenarios from the original.
single analog DVD, running time approximately 80 min.

The quality of the video varies from good to poor. This is due to the quality of the video equipment used at the time. Some of the video is from B&W surveillance cameras.

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